Amazing Drum Form of Chandelier Lamp Shades


Drum chandelier lamp shades are not a new concept in lighting, but a throwback to the 40s and 50s. According to Jim Hoyle of lampshades and plug lamps, drum tones were popular throughout the 80s before they fell please. The old is new again, and drum lamp shades can give a warm stripe of light as you sit on the kitchen table, or provide the means to read your favorite book in your chaise lounge. If you are going for a fun and funky, stately or elegant look in your home, you can make your own drum pendant lamp using few elements.

Measure the thickness of the drum shadow from the top edge to the bottom edge that you will use as chandelier lamp shades. The number you get and add 4 inches. This is the width of the curtain. For example, if your drum shadow is 16 inches from the top down, add 4 inches to 20 inches wide. Measure the decorative fabric and cut to 20 inches wide. The length can be estimated by wrapping the tape around the shadow of the measuring drum and adding 4 inches. This is the length of the shadow.

Center the decorative fabric in the drum shadow. There must be 2 inches above the top edge and 2 inches below the top edge. Hot glue one end of the fabric in the shade. Allow the shadow to dry completely before moving on to the next step.Place on your painter’s mask, then spray the drum shadow with soft adhesive over the decorative fabric the rest of the way around the drum shadow of chandelier lamp shades. Take the time to remove any air bubbles in the fabric. If you find an air bubble, use a small pin. Punch a hole in the fabric and push the air out.

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Fold the end of the drum shadow perfectly and warm glue in the shade. Allow the shadow to dry completely before moving on to the next step. Fold the top of the decorative fabric on top of the curtain. Warm glue every few inches as it moves through the shadow’s interior. Repeat this process for the bottom of the screen. Measure and cut plain white fabric to the thickness and length of the interior of the shadow. Glue this fabric in place using the hot glue gun. This prevents the decorative fabric chandelier lamp shadesfrom being loosened and orders the appearance of the shadow of the drum up to the inside.

Embellish with tape, fringe, buttons or other whimsical ornaments to complete the customization of your screen. If you chose a plain fabric, you can decorate it with painted patterns of shapes and figures. Install the light boot kit according to package instructions. Pass the cable through the upper web on the drum. Finish the project by installing a compact fluorescent light bulb.

Colored paper can be replaced by decorative cloth in a pinch. Staggering your drum chandelier lamp shadescan add style to your kitchen or bathroom.Be careful when working with hot glue.Wear a safety mask while spraying the adhesive glue to prevent inhalation of aerosol fumes. Always work in a well-ventilated manufacturing area of ​​your home.



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