Antique Tiffany Floor Lamps Style


Tiffany Floor Lamps – Tiffany floor lamps with shades made of stained glass are soldered with copper foil.  These floor lamps are very popular today, present in a variety of basic styles, although the original is made with a brass base. Cloning can use almost anything, and ranges from cheap to very expensive. True reproduction of Tiffany floor lamps is done, first using patterns drawn on heavy cardboard boxes. Each part of the form is numbered and a specific color is written on the pattern. Then a piece of glass is placed at the top and followed the pattern, before it is cut into the right shape and completely cleaned. Copper foil is always the best materials used in cloning Tiffany lamps instead of some other types of materials. It is placed between the glass piece and the tip is then welded.

Tiffany floor lamps are rarely available today, and are part of the reason they attract high prices when they are found. The amount is low as it is a piece of craftsmen, and the item is not widely produced to be on the assembly line, for example. He and many other artists create patterns and lights, and everything is done manually. There is no record of the number of lights that are generated from each pattern, making the discovery of the Tiffany floor lamp interesting because no one knows at first whether the lamp is one of a kind.

Tiffany floor lamps do not wake up until one day with the idea of ​​putting a Tiffany floor lamp with stained glass. He works in New York in an interior design company and designs colored glass windows. The remaining pieces of glass cut him the idea of ​​making a lampshade of them. He retained the company’s design and painting, but his art brand was born and soon became his only pursuit.

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Tiffany floor lamps made today must remain in line with the artist’s original style and the techniques he uses to create a distinctive and beautiful look. It uses seven different styles of design, some of which are irregular feathers and alcoves, made of open looks to give the appearance of tree branches or shrubs. The geometric pattern used in some lights is just a geometrical shape in a glass pattern. Moving to “flowers” is another style, which sees more flowers and leaves used in the design.


Tiffany floor lamps boast the type of design used by indigenous artists, such as flowers, spiders, butterflies, dragonflies and things of nature that give Tiffany a typical Tiffany lamp. Some are created in the form of a cone, others are in the world. Tiffany floor lamps that you can buy today can vary in quality and workmanship. If you want a good reproduction, then you need to look for the manufacturer. You also need to ask questions about how they are designed, produced, and what type of materials are used. That’s all the review we can share about tiffany floor lamps. We hope you get useful idea in decorating your home.


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