The Best Black Floor Lamp for Modern Style Room


Black Floor Lamp – Lights in the ground can be large and heavy objects, with cables and redundant plugs but also very popular in the home lighting scene. While not as versatile as lights and lighting is important, by beam can be directed to specific places, floor lamps can still provide a variety of lighting options. Floor lamps have additional advantages for the devices, unlike the chandelier and hanging pendant lights. Therefore, when general light is needed in the room, the floor lamps are tall and often strong to a quick and practical solution compared to getting a room quickly and others to provide general lighting.

If you want to pump the class and elegance into your home, you cannot go wrong with a black floor lamp. This lamp is unique to the owner painted and coated with black color. This has been done deliberately to attract guests to the beautiful design of the lamp shade, especially when lit at night. Even in broad daylight, the lamp is striking because of their distinctive ebony frame. You can find black floor lamps in various designs and beautiful style. Just browsing through online retail sites such as lighting lamps plus will give you an overview of available light.

One of the designs being sought is an Ebony Hybrid Box which exports a high temperature floor lamp. In the shape of a tower with ebony frame, this lamp has a style that produces high-temperature fixture with a linen shade covering two bulbs. It comes with a foot switch that can turn not only on and turn off the lights, but also can brighten or dim the light that generates. These lights are very high, with a height of 66 inches, supported by a square base of 15 inches.

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If you want a more powerful light, there is a lamp halogen lamp issued high heat fitted with halogen lamps lets modern 175. Elegant and ultra-modern atmosphere finished the spot to your room. As the Ebony Hybrid Box which exports high heat, the lamp type also has foot control to turn on and off and adjust the lamp brightness. With a 70 1/2 inch high, Halogen Black Floor Lamp is an additional light source that can be excellent when reading or writing in a living room and bedroom.


Last but not least, you have a black floor lamp. At a height of 58 inches and 10 inches base, it has the same characteristics and features, such as the light listed above. However, in addition, you have an adjustable arm so that it can extend to a maximum of 26 inches, especially if you need a good light source for reading, writing and studying. The lampshade in each arm has a width of 4 inches. You also do not have to worry about falling arms on your head. They are very balanced on the lamp stand, thanks to strong steel support. This light also gives the accent on steel dials contrast with the glossy black finish.



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