Contemporary Floor Lamps as Multipurpose Furniture


Contemporary Floor Lamps – Floor lamps are used in a variety of ways to enhance the decoration of your home. The lamps are easy to install as they can be plugged into any existing outlet, and come in a wide range of styles. Floor lamps are also ideal for tenants, college students and frequent moves that can bring standing lamps with them when moving instead of dealing with owner permissions for installed accessories, having to give up permanent items when leaving a home.

Use your lamp for the lighting of the general room while softening its impact on your decoration. Set contemporary floor lampswith multiple flexible heads in a corner of the area and place a folding shade with transparent panels in front of the lamp. Ensure that the screen is slightly higher than the lamp and aim at a head up on the ceiling and any remaining heads on the walls behind the lamp. The ceiling light will give the room a soft ambient glow or even provide enough general lighting, depending on your lamp and light bulbs. The other bosses will give the screen a bright glow that will spread throughout the room to create a bright focal point that can add a sunny feeling to the room on cloudy days.

Some lamps come with multiple functions, but you can modify almost any contemporary floor lampsto create a more useful work of furniture. For straight, tall floor lamps, add functionality by placing a square or circle of painted wood approximately 18 inches above the floor like a tabletop. Place the lamp on your sofa to present a light practice with an end table, but make sure your base lamp is sturdy enough to handle the table and any objects placed on it. You can decorate metal lanterns with magnets and make your floor lamp in the center of family messages, but keep any flammable material like paper away from the spotlights.

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Place your contemporary floor lampswhere it is most beneficial to the room, such as near a reading area and add a remote control so you can activate it from the entrance without tripping through the lamp in the dark. Remote switches are available at hardware stores and some department stores. They have a device that plugs into a wall outlet and the lamp connects to the unit. Place a wireless switch that controls the wall unit anywhere within the room while the signal is not blocked. Many wall switches are almost indiscernible from a standard modern wall switch, so you do not have to sacrifice the design for foot lamp control.

In a reading corner, as here, contemporary floor lamps are the most practical option: choose a design with the articulated arm and screen that allow adjusting the height of the arm and the orientation of the screen according to the needs of each moment, since it is not the same to read that as complementary environmental light. With the chrome foot and the fabric shade, this lamp complements the general lighting of the dining room, being a perfect option for more intimate and relaxed dinners. By having the articulated arm, the screen can be oriented according to the needs.



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