Decorate Your Home with DIY Lamp Shades


Lamp Shades – We love handmade projects to decorate our house. Not only can they become spectacular, but they also provide us with the satisfaction of the things we have made for ourselves. Any of the DIY lampshades that we will show you next can be a good example of this. Take note and get down to work.Are your desk lamps a little outdated and you get bored with them? Do not suffer! You no longer have to go out and buy new ones. With the ideas that we offer today to make DIY lampshades, you can give a new air to space in a very easy and very fast way.

You do not need great things to do it or very expensive materials. You can even always try to recover the things you have at home: scraps of cloth, some old map, scraps of paint, etc. Think that if you recycle the materials you can, the work will have even more value. The first idea about makes screens of DIY lamp shadeslined with fabric, surely this idea is the simplest way to change the appearance of a lamp completely. It’s about covering the screen with a nice fabric, or with a decorative paper. You can use any scrap you have at home or use fabrics that are coordinated with the rest of the textile elements of the environment. What do you think if you decorate the lampshade with the same fabric as the curtains or cushions on the sofa? The effect can be great.

To do it better, take a template out of the screen on paper for the DIY lamp shades idea. Place this template on the fabric and mark it to cut it later, leaving about 2 cm of margin on both sides. Now you just have to stick the fabric to the screen using textile glue, for example, or a similar one that does not stain the fabric. Go put a little amount of adhesive to avoid spots. When the fabric is glued, finish the top and bottom edges with a ribbon and you’re done.

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Then the next idea for lamp shades is with interlaced satin ribbons, buy satin ribbon in two colors and get yourself a silicone gun. Start by gluing one end of the ribbon of the color you prefer (in this case the orange has been used) inside the screen and go wrapping the screen with the ribbon so that vertical stripes come out. When you have finished, fix the other end of the tape inside with the silicone gun. Now go interlacing to your liking the ribbon of the other color (in the photo, light blue) making diagonals, for example. Hold the end of the tape with the silicone. Simple and very colorful, do not you think?

The last idea of this DIY lampshades project is the chevron stripes. You already know that we love Chevron stripes anywhere in the house, from the walls to the cushions. That’s why I love this idea to decorate some blank screens with a painted zigzag for DIY lamp shades. In fact, I plan to implement this tutorial sooner rather than later on two white screens that I have and that I find a bit bland.


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