Where to Get Tiffany Crystal Floor Lamp Shades


Crystal Floor Lamp – The Tiffany style lamp was produced by Tiffany Studios. The company was founded by Louis C. Tiffany, an artist who worked in many media, including painting and glass making. The lamp is characterized by its bright color, leaded glass screen. Tiffany lampshades were smaller variants of stained glass, usually with elaborate colorful designs, such as geometric or floral decorations. When it occurs in the first place, the prices of the lamps varied according to the level of elaboration of the patterns, from $ 30 and the increase of up to $ 750 for a very detailed work.

The Tiffany lamp was made in several styles, including a table lamp, lamp and a “foot” or floor lamp. In the crystal floor lamp, the lamp was made of glass and the base is often made of bronze. Each piece has inscribed the expression “Tiffany’s studios of New York.”An original Tiffany floor lamp is considered an antique and will have a high price. However, Tiffany floor lamp replicas can be found in many top-end furniture stores, as well as online. You should only buy these lamps from a reputable store since the style is difficult to duplicate.

Glass lampshades Tiffany crystal floor lampgive a touch of distinction and elegance to any room. Tiffany glass is multicolored, with rich shades that are very well reinforced when the light is on. Although most Tiffany lamps are very expensive, there is a wide variety of Tiffany style lampshades available at reasonable prices.

Home improvement stores like Lowe and Home Depot offer a variety of Tiffany style glass lampshades. Check the nearest store for purchase options, or visit their website for all available selections (see References). The Lowe’s website offers more than 60 varieties and the Home Depot website offers more than 30. You can also check availability of crystal floor lampat your local store. Simply click on the item you want to buy, and close to the item price will be an option “store availability check”. Enter the postal code, and the system will let you know immediately if the item is made and in stock.

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Lighting stores usually carry lampshades in Tiffany style. Your local lighting store should carry a variety of floor lamps, table lamps and wall lamps and ceiling mount. Lighting stores often also have catalog options. The item can be sent to the warehouse location or directly to your home. Many companies are totally Internet-based, including many lighting stores. Websites as online shops carry more than 500 varieties of Tiffany-style lighting, including wall-mounted push-pull lamps, floor lamps, desk lamps, table lamps, ceiling lamps and outdoor lamps. VisionDecor.com is another online home decor website that offers more than 50 Tiffany style lighting styles, including floor lamps, table lamps, wall lamps and ceiling lamps.

You can also view crystal floor lampprices and compare online auction websites. These websites offer new and used lighting options, often at a fraction of the sale price. Remember that you must account for shipping costs when purchasing items over the Internet. Shipping costs are normally based on the weight of the package and the shipping location.



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