How to Make Your Own Modern Lamp Shades


Modern Lamp Shades – It will not be me who says that a cable and a light bulb is a bad option to light the living room of your home or that the screens that you can buy made in the decoration stores are a bad option. What I want to defend in this post is that when you face the possibility of changing the screen of your lamp or are about to buy one, do not rule out buying one made by hand, because as I want to show you today, make the Your lampshade is an option that gives your home wide decorative advantages.

Maybe if you are thinking of making modern lamp shadesfor yourself, the easiest thing is to make it in fabric or if it is straight cuts, in plastic, but if you want to order it from a professional so that the garments should know that in this case, they have many possibilities in the materials. It can be made of fabric upholstery, curtain, cretonne, canvas, burlap, also in a papyrus (which are very typical), in plastic, wallpaper with plastic support, etc.

This is another of the advantages that you will have when making a modern lamp shades, you will be able to make the shape and make it to the size you want. Surely the professional who attends you has standard measurements for each model of the screen and I am sure that one of your measures fits what you have in mind if not, they will know how to do perfectly what you ask them. This will also allow you to completely change a lamp once you change the screen.

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As everything done by hand have the advantage that your screen is going to be the only one that will be like this in the whole world. No one will have the screen that you ask the professional or there will be nobody who goes unnoticed from your house when you have it full of lamps with modern lamp shadescompletely designed by you. You will be able to give a special touch to each room only with a screen, is not that great?

This is the possibility that I like most of the screens made and that allows us to change the screens depending on how we change the decoration of the room. Change of table at night? Well, I change the screen and I already have a perfect set. This allows us to have a composition of colors much more achieved in the rooms. Normally the screens of the rooms are neutral colors that do not make any noise in the color of the room, making them make the room as close as possible to the rest of the decoration.

And with these four ideas, I intend to tell you that making the modern lamp shadesof your lamp is one of the best options they have when it comes to decorating them. I have not talked about the economic and I can assure you that the price of the lampshades made is not much higher than those already made and of course, once seen the great advantages of the screens made and designed by oneself, it is almost idiocy to buy one made that anyone can have. In addition, to save the cost of making the screen you can always go to fabric stores in which you can find remnants of fabrics that are very well priced and with them to make it.

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