Modern Rectangular Lamp Shades for Minimalist Room Decoration


Rectangular Lamp Shades – Lamp shades are an integral part of all kinds of lights and give the lamp its uniqueness and decorative majesty. Lamp covers light bulbs and provides light lighting, giving a quiet and elegant beauty to the lights. The reflector design varies from traditional to modern. However, regardless of patterns and patterns of design, the lamp poles complement lights and enchant homeowners. Some of them are made of glass, silk fabric and other transparent materials. Various decorative elements are used to enhance the look and feel of this slight difference. Colored fabrics, embroidery, beads, shells, paintings, fabrics, stained glass and prints are some of the most used materials to decorate nuances.

Hurricane shades are also a common reflection, with a traditional look. These lampshades are used with non-electrical lamps, such as gas or oil lamps. However, the storm glass color is now used for electric lights and gives the appearance of oil lamps. Lamp shades can vary in shape, depending on the size of the lamp. These shapes can vary from round, oval, rectangular, dome, semicircular, cylindrical and coordinated, to name a few. Rectangular lamp shades are easy to use and can be cleaned, replaced or replaced if necessary. However, the beautiful lamp covers are very smooth and require proper handling to maintain their appearance. The old-era Victorian era lamp cover and my favorite with collectors are highly appreciated. This gloss illustrates the typical frame pattern used in clothing for the shadows and is known as the Victoria Suburb.

A range of lamps can be found from various models, models, destinations and prices on the Internet. Buyers can view catalogs online or visit local lampshade dealers to buy or replace lamp covers. However, owners can change their lampshades with changing times and modes, reflecting their personal preferences. The characteristics of the color of the lamp, like others, are of course of a personal nature and will be different from the observer. But there are some guidelines that will help you determine the limits to consider. You are basically looking for a balance in the size of the lights and shadow that makes the light not look heavy or weigh the top when viewed from a distance of about 20 feet.

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Medium-sized or small bulbs with a length of 20 “- 27” above the shade may require a color of about 9 “- 11” and a diameter of 16 “- 19” in length. The traditional or medium-sized lamps are expected to require a height of 27 “- 30” to the top of the shade about 11 “- 13” and diameter 16 “- 19”. It is possible that the traditional or large antique-style lamps, which are 30 to 36 inches above the shade, may require a color between 12 and 15 inches and 18 “-20” length. For each of the above examples, the contemporary light of the lamp generally has a larger bottom diameter and possibly a side edge. Larger diameter bulbs require larger diameter, and more streamlined bulbs require smaller diameter shadows. That’s all the idea about rectangular lamp shades we can share.


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