Reasons Why Should we Use Mica Lamp Shades


Mica Lamp Shades – When purchasing a lamp or a luminaire for any room in our home, we want the light to transmit the desired effect and create a perfect environment for each room. The lampshades are a good way to, for example, attenuate the intensity of the light emitted by the bulb and create a more relaxed and calm, without the light being too direct.

At this site we love to play with the lights and create different atmospheres for each corner of the house. Depending on the style in which we are inspired to decorate our home, be it Nordic, rustic, industrial or boho, you will find the ideal option that combines perfectly with your furniture. In our page, you will discover an infinity of designs and models of mica lamp shades to choose from. Let yourself be inspired by our best experts!An additional and very important function of the lampshades is that they focus the light to specific areas – the light radiates from both ends of the screen, or only from the bottom. In addition to these functional characteristics, a screen must be beautiful and create a harmonious and pleasant atmosphere in the room.

The advantage they have is that mica lamp shadescan be easily changed, getting a new look and a different style at any time, both for the lamp and the stay in general. So we can release the lamp, without having to buy a new one. Thanks to the characteristic design of the table and floor lamps, most models allow you to change the screen easily and quickly. The lampshades can be made of any type of material: textile, opaline glass, shōji paper, and many other materials. With beautiful materials that combine with the style of the decoration of our home, and colors and prints to the last, these accessories can give a fantastic air to the interior of your house.

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The mica lamp shadesfor floor lamp and table lamps are available in a wide variety of shapes, colors, and designs. Round, square, cylindrical: they are the most typical forms. The decorative aspect is the most important for the lighting of small tables. With regard to floor lamps, in addition to the decorative aspect, its function as the main lighting of the room is very important. Especially in the selection of table lamps, it is very important to take into account the height of the lamp, taking care that the screen adapts to it. The choice of a screen that is too large and too long will have a negative effect on the lighting and, consequently, on the general assembly.

What kind of materials do you need to make homemade mica lamp shades? The natural materials are especially apt to design super original and very personal models. Using certain folding techniques, you can create fabulous paper screens. For the most professionals who know how to knit or crochet, the possibilities to create original DIY pieces are endless. This technique has the advantage that you can change the color of the fabrics without further complication, having new looks always available. With a little skill and imagination, a couple of cans and cables, you can design lamps with an ideal industrial look.



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