Renewing Lights with the Cylinder Lamp Shade


Cylinder Lamp Shade – Lampshades can add style to a room. When an old one wears out, there is no need to wait to find the perfect replacement. You can make shade is the owner of six sides of the lamp with a few simple tools. Because it is cheap and gives you total artistic freedom over the fixture in your room, making your own lampshade may be the way to go when a much-loved lamp shade wears out.

Whether your screen is finally succumbing to years of wear and tear, or you just want to rejuvenate your decorating scheme, a new lamp shade can make all the difference. Although replacement lamp shades can be purchased at home furnishings and lighting stores, making your own screen line allows you to customize the screen to fit a room and reuse your old lampshade rings. With proper preparation, you can make your own screen lined in one afternoon.

Clean the old cylinder lamp shadeframe (the ringed metal assembly inside its old screen) with a clean, damp cloth to remove any remaining dust or dirt. Allow the armor to dry completely before continuing.Dab the rings on the lampshade frame with glue. To make cleaning easier, do not use too much glue-a little touch every inch or less is enough.Wrap the frame rings with the seam joint. Check that the top seam of the seam is firmly glued in place.

Cut a piece of adhesive styrene to fit your cylinder lamp shadeframe. Cut the styrene one inch longer than the circumference of the rings. Cut the styrene width to be equal to the distance between the two lampshade rings.Select a natural fiber fabric to serve as the screen cover. Soften the adhesive styrene coating on the fabric, peel the backing off as to connect the styrene.The trim excess fabric around the styrene. Since the styrene was cut into a long rectangular shape, there will be two short sides and two long sides. The long sides represent the top and bottom of the new screen, and the short sides will meet on the back of the screen, forming a side seam.

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Leave an extra half inch of it protruding from the fabric on a short side and on both long sides of the styrene. On the short side of styrene with the half-inch of fabric protruding, fold the cylinder lamp shadefabric over the styrene lining and stick it in place.Wrap the lined fabric around the lampshade frame so that the rings are even with the top and bottom of the styrene coating. Starting in front of the seam, wrap the fabric overhang over the top ring, and glue in place. Attach a bulldog clip to hold the tissue tight.

Work your way around the circumference of the ring, without trimming the overhang of the fabric around the ring every inch or two so that the fabric is tight. Stick the cantilevered fabric in place.Repeat the trimming and gluing procedure with the lower ring, and the tail of the side seam. Allow the cylinder lamp shadeto dry before removing the clips and attach to a lamp.



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